Kseniya Oudenot is a Ukrainian born British artist living and working in Paris and London. Through a convergence of interest in nature, science and time perception; her art explores the allegorical resonance and fantasy involved in man-made, altered nature and the juxtaposition of time within our society.

Trained in academic painting, Oudenot moved to the UK to study Performance Design at St. Martins College. Her early design career creations utilized high tech materials and were exhibited at the Science Museum in London, the Science Gallery in Dublin, and showcased on BBC and Sky.

Oudenot is an award-winning artist and designer with works ranging from fine art to theatre costumes and high fashion. Her creations have been featured at the London Royal Opera House, Scottish Ballet and the fashion house Alexander McQueen. Oudenot background influences are frequently spotted in her dramatic shapes, rich textures and bold use of contrasting components.

A prolific multidisciplinary artist, Oudenot has developed a vast body of sculptures, paintings, drawings and art installations. Her works allow for great versatility and an exciting viewer experience as the gaze expose the multiple layers that characterize mixed media art.

Oudenot fine art signature is the use of small ephemeral particles, both natural and man-made materials, "sand, glitter, crushed rocks, leaves, flowers, beads or dust as a reminder of time passing, dust storms sweeping away memories and feeling of change emerging."  

Hailed as a “Best New Talent” by The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and many other publications, Oudenot is now focusing her talents to creating fine art.

Portrait 2